Three biggest challenges facing an English learner. 學習英文的三大挑戰

Do you think that English is difficult? Don’t give up! Because everyone is facing the same challenges. You are not alone, let’s learn English together and get better at doing it!


1. Developing a passion for learning English

All English learners would like to speak English well but don’t like to enjoy the process of learning English. This is the first and biggest problem facing an English learner, because a person who doesn’t like to learn English will not learn it well. If you don’t love English, English won’t love you back!

If you want to become a successful learner, you need to like the learning process itself. You need to treat time spent on English as time for pleasure and relaxation. For example, you need to enjoy:

  • reading English books
  • learning new words from a dictionary
  • watching movies in English
  • practising the pronunciation of English sounds and words





Woman reading a book

2. Making the first change to one’s life

The decision to learn English requires changes in your life. For example, deciding that one will read a book in English for 30 minutes every day and keeping to that decision. It’s very difficult to make a small, but permanent change to your life, especially if learning English doesn’t seem “fun”. However, learners should remember that studying English for 15 minutes every day gives you much better results than studying for a whole day once a month.




3. Making further changes to one’s life

A good learner will have a set of activities (reading, watching TV, practising pronunciation, going to Language Exchange events,  and choose from that set according to his or her mood. One activity is not good enough, because (1) you get bored more quickly. For example, reading in English can’t improve your pronunciation, although it can improve your grammar, vocabulary, reading comprehension, and writing skills.)




One way to improve your English skill is by coming to Language Exchange Hong Kong! Why? Because it’s fun, not boring and will boost your motivation!





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