Mid Autumn Festival in Hong Kong !

Summer is almost over – the” Mid – Autumn Festival” is coming next week!

If you are living in Hong Kong and wondering what the Mid – Autumn Festival is all about, there are 3 main things!
1. The moon
It is the season of the year when the moon is at it’s roundest and fullest. People go out to celebrate the full moon as it has cultural significance to many Hong Kong people.
2. Lanterns
The lanterns are a big part of this festival as they are hung in the streets and traditionally candles are placed inside them. Children play with them and lanterns of all shapes and sizes can be bought from many toy stores in Hong Kong.
3. The Moon Cake
The moon cake is bought and given to friends and family during the Mid – Autumn Festival. Moon cakes are filled with different kinds of sweet fillings, often lotus seed paste or red bean. Make sure you try one!
If you would like to learn more about the Mid – Autumn Festival or other cultural events in Hong Kong, come along and join us at Language Exchange Hong Kong. Language Exchange is a great place to learn not just different languages but also about different cultures. It is a great place to make new international friends.





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