4 Keys to Great Nonverbal Communication

Do you know that much of what you communicate doesn’t come out of your mouth? What does come out of your mouth is very much affected and influenced by your outward appearance, posture and facial expressions.


Check out some helpful tips below!
1. Eye contact.  Make eye contact with the person or people you are talking to.  This shows people you are interested in what they are saying and you are listening well.

2. Voice fluctuation.  No one enjoys listening to someone who speaks in a monotone, it gets boring very quickly. Your tone of voice communicates to others about how you feel about what you are saying.


3. Facial expressions.  Are you interested in what you are saying? Use a variety of enthusiastic facial expressions when you speak.

4. Hand gestures. Have open hands, this shows you are open and honest.


Written by Dustin York

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